Charity Hope Valentine is the girl, employed as a hostess at a New York dance hall in the lates 1960’s. Inside the Fan-Dango Ballroom, Charity is companioned with streetwise hostesses who often share their cynical advice aboutu love and occassionally their long abandoned dreams, whilst Herman (the dance hall manager) makes sure the customers get what they have paid for. Outside of the dance hall, Charity’s innocence is taken advantage of by con artists, panhandlers and even a boyfriend who pushes her into the lake whislt stealing her savings! Our heroine manages a fleeting glimpse of fame when she unexpectedly spends the night in the closet of the Italian screen idol, Vittorio Vidal. Charity’s real hope for happiness comes along when the fickle finger of fate traps her in an elevator with claustrophobic tax accountant, Oscar Lindquist. Charity joins Oscar at the Rhythm of Life Church led by Reverend Momma Brubeck and romance ensues until Oscar learns of Charity’s true occupation and dating history. Through trials and tribulations, sweet Charity continues searching for love, wide-eyed and hopeful.