Her name was Lola….she was a showgirl….

Stephen, an aspiring songwriter, begins to dream about his next big hit and he thinks back to a time where “music and passion were always in fashion” at the world famous Copacabana nightclub in New York City.

Lola la Mar, just arrived in New York hoping to become a star goes to the Copacabana Nightclub. Here she meets Tony Forte (Stephen) and Tony instantly falls for Lola and introduces her to the owner of the club, Sam Silver, who offers her a job. Rico Castelli, an Italian gangster, enters the Copacabana, and takes an interest in Lola. He drugs her and takes her back to Cuba with him. When Tony finds out that Lola has been kidnapped he goes to Cuba to rescue her. There is a huge fight….Rico is killed…but just who shot who?